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If your existing fireplace chimney system has become a hazard, it is less expensive and more efficient to install a direct fireplace insert. At Avalon Chimney Sweeps Inc, we can install an insert making your fire place safe, efficient and more enjoyable.


Inserts are less expensive and more energy efficient. They don't require wood, cleanup, or

even sweeping. You can even preserve the look of your fireplace with an insert and enhance it with a traditional wood log or you can give it a contemporay look with colored glass beeds, crystals, spa stones, drift wood or a combination of the four.

Enjoy your old or broken fireplace again

Save money

Fireplace inserts give you the option to provide reliable heating and are ecofriendly. By replacing your old fireplace with an insert, you can save up to 8% of your energy bills all year round. You can conserve gas by its own heating with your insert and turning down the homes heating system for not having to heat the area that are not being occupied or utilized.


Just by installing an insert you'll be blocking off the fireplaces continues draft saving you up to 8% of your homes energy bill year round.

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Avalon Chimney Sweeps installs Regency gas fireplace inserts. Saving homeowners up to 50% in energy savings during the winter months.